[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPMp52ArzOg]

The live performance Music for Three Solo Performers is based on the interactive sound installation Soundanism. Three volunteers from the audience go on stage, put on a mask connected to a small microphone, and breath. Three DissoNoiSex members, placed behind the audience and facing the performers on stage, receive one microphone signal each and process it in real time during the performance. The resulting sound is projected through six loudspeakers distributed in a circle around the audience.

Music for Three Solo Performers presents itself as a half chance, half controlled composition. The three amateur performers on stage generate – consciously or not – different sounds depending on how they breathe, while the members of DissoNoiSex process and mix these sounds and move them through the space of the concert hall. As listening to this music may affect the breathing of the performers themselves, feedback loops of unpredictable consequences are expected during the performance. The visual projections appearing behind the soundanists are realized by Pedda Borowski (on behalf of Veronique Onyvaski).

Music for Three Solo Performers is dedicated to pioneer sound-artist Alvin Lucier, composer of Music for Solo Performer. The piece has been presented in November 2007 at the PONG DE. festival in Cologne (Germany).

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