Based on the experiences and impressions we were able to gather with Soundanism, the second incarnation was starting from a different premise: Given that the installation’s degree of interactivity was perceived quite differently by different spectators, why don’t we start from a non-interactive piece instead and let visitors believe in the interactive nature of the piece?

Soundanism is an interactive sound installation exploring possible relations among music, breathing, masturbation and sex. The visitor becomes an integral part of a feedback system in which his breathing generates a signal that —after processing— he receives again in the form of sound. Thereby he can compose his own type of musique and form.

The soundtrack for Soundanism 2.0 was prepared beforehand in our studios and is then played back over the hatphones by a simple CD player. The mask and microphone are supplied but apart from their anecdotal value don’t fulfill any function whatsoever.

This piece can also be understood as a purely documentational effort: The individual parts of the original installation are audible and visible, only the aspect of interactivity hasn’t found its way into the archives.

Soundanism 2.0 has been shown at the IDFX/Interference international exhibition in Breda (Netherlands) between January and March 2009.

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