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Exhibition at Espacio Menos1 Rundown

So it’s been three busy, sometimes hectic days we spent for setting up the exhibition at Espacio Menos1, but in the end we luckily managed to get everything right just in time for our exhibition Casa de muñecas, part of the IN-SONORA V festival in Madrid.

We’ve been presenting three new pieces: Sirenas, a work involving inflatable plastic dolls and flutes, a new version of Repressound, and Dissectionata, an experiment with a very immediate effect of the human body on sound and sound on the human body. It appears that documenting our work tends to be difficult for us, so you’ll have to believe us that we are running in high gear to document the three new pieces with pictures, video and sound – we’ll let you know when we’re finished!

Many thanks to Mario Gutiérrez and Maite Camacho of Espacio Menos1 for their generous help, Fernando Llanos for his wonderful work in speech recognition, Luigi Negro and Anna Raimondo for supporting our stay at SOUNDRES, and of course you, our visitors!

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Exhibition at Espacio Menos1


We are excited to announce that DissoNoiSex is going to be featured in a dedicated exhibition at Espacio Menos1 in Madrid. This means that we will be showing a new version of Repressound plus two new pieces and the whole thing will take place from November 25 until around December 6. Stay tuned for more information!

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